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Detailing Definitions -Wax: A paste that contains the natural ingredient “carnauba”. Designed to add a deep, rich shine. Perfect for show cars or those who demand a little extra pop! -Sealant: A synthetic (made in a lab) blend of polymers. Long lasting protection and shine. Protects better and last longer than a traditional car wax. When allowed to properly cure, a sealant provides excellent protection against rain, water spots, bird droppings, and everyday grime. -Coating: Permanently or Semi-Permanently bonds to the paint to both provide a barrier of protection as well as create a clear, high gloss finish. Once the coating is properly applied and allowed to cure, it will not come off under normal circumstances or via normal wear-...

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Black GMC 3500

So you made the decision to have your car professionally detailed. Now your car looks and feels like new again. The finish shines like never before and feels smooth as silk - so much so that people in oncoming traffic need to wear shades just to look at your car. The aroma of your freshly detailed cockpit makes you feel relaxed; as if you were at the spa. Your dashboard looks new , the seats are clean….You just fell in love with your car all over again!!!
Now you start to think, “How can I keep this up in-between my professional treatments”?
I have a few tips for you.

1. You can get one of Hanno Detailing’s VIP Plans

2. Hand Wash your car once a week. After every hand car wash, apply spray wax. This keeps the car...

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Paint Sealants last longer than wax does. There are many types of paint sealants on the market. Hanno Detailing uses an Advanced Polymer Sealant. Our STS 3000 Paint Sealant is one of the finest, long lasting paint sealants available on the market. The sealant that we use is specially blended for us using a unique blend of polymers, resin and Zonyl that forms a durable protective coating within 24-48 hours after we apply it to your vehicle. Formulated for base coat/clear coat paints, body shop safe and VOC compliant with a pleasant banana scent.The polymer actually bonds to the paint with a process called "molecular cross linking." Once this process takes place the painted surfaces will be protected from the suns UV rays, acid rain, ocean...

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Having your car detailed makes it feel like the day you bought it. Instead of dreading to set foot into a dull, dirty, and funky smelling car, a detail can completely change the relationship with your beloved. A polish and wax can give your vehicle that deep gloss shine that will attract the eyes of all those you cruise by. With an immaculate interior, you do not have to excuse yourself for your unkempt car when giving rides to others. Instead you will recieve countless complements on a spotless interior.

Prevention and repair of paint failure. Have you seen a red car that turned pink? A black car that turned gray? Even worse…a relatively young (6-10 years old) car with paint that’s peeling away? Regular waxing can prevent t...

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The best way to describe auto detailing is preventative maintenance for the exterior and interior of your vehicle. Failing to properly maintain the exterior and interior of your vehicle could lead to faded trim, clear coat failure, acid rain etching, paint oxidation/fading, yellowed/foggy headlights, cracked or faded interior, permanently stained carpeting, mildew and bad odors. Just like your engine maintenance, a regular detailing regiment will ensure that the interior and exterior of your vehicle remains on good shape for as long as you own it.

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