Benefits of having your vehicle professionally detailed.

Having your car detailed makes it feel like the day you bought it. Instead of dreading to set foot into a dull, dirty, and funky smelling car, a detail can completely change the relationship with your beloved. A polish and wax can give your vehicle that deep gloss shine that will attract the eyes of all those you cruise by. With an immaculate interior, you do not have to excuse yourself for your unkempt car when giving rides to others. Instead you will recieve countless complements on a spotless interior.

Prevention and repair of paint failure. Have you seen a red car that turned pink? A black car that turned gray? Even worse…a relatively young (6-10 years old) car with paint that’s peeling away? Regular waxing can prevent these conditions. Applied once a season (twice in the summer), the UV protection of wax prevents the fading of paint pigments and delaminating of paint materials. Most neglected paints (excluding peeling paint) can be repaired with a combination of buffing, polishing, and waxing/sealing.

Stain removal. Grease, food, dairy, coffee, soda, glue, paint…all the things you transport in your car can potentially stain interior surfaces. Detailers are equipped with chemicals and machinery to remove MOST stains: battery acid, gasoline, and certain food dyes (if left untreated for too long) require replacement of carpets and/or seating surfaces. Consistent (every 6 – 12 months) detailing will remove interior stains before they become set and permanent.
Prevention and removal of brake dust staining. Brake dust buildup–if not treated–can become permanent. Many cars 5+ years old (BMWs are particularly sensitive to brake dusting) have permanent brake dust staining that cannot be removed. Pro detailers use a combination of industrial-strength cleaners, brushes, and pressure washing to remove heavily caked on brake dust from your vehicle’s wheels.

Water Spot Removal. Water spots on paint and glass surfaces are common and very difficult for the do-it-yourselfer to remove. Professional car detailers use a combination of compounds, chemicals, buffing, and polishing to permanently remove water spotting.

A professional car detailer can make permanent improvements to your vehicle that maintain its like-new appearance during your ownership experience and preserve its value when it’s time to sell or trade it in. In fact, one could expect a sizable return on investment when their car is sold.

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