Keep Your Car Looking Good Between Detailing Visits

So you made the decision to have your car professionally detailed. Now your car looks and feels like new again. The finish shines like never before and feels smooth as silk - so much so that people in oncoming traffic need to wear shades just to look at your car. The aroma of your freshly detailed cockpit makes you feel relaxed; as if you were at the spa. Your dashboard looks new , the seats are clean….You just fell in love with your car all over again!!!
Now you start to think, “How can I keep this up in-between my professional treatments”?
I have a few tips for you.

1. You can get one of Hanno Detailing’s VIP Plans

2. Hand Wash your car once a week. After every hand car wash, apply spray wax. This keeps the car protected and prolongs the life of the wax/sealant recently applied to your car’s finish.
3. Vacuum your car’s interior once a week (especially if driven on a daily basis and you have frequent passengers). This will help keep the dirt particles away, allowing your carpets to stay cleaner, longer. Be sure to spot treat stains as soon as appear on your fabric. ( The longer a stain stays untreated, the harder it is to remedy)

4. After your car is washed and dried wring the chamois free of excess water. A chamois should also be used to remove dust buildup from around the steering column, dashboard, leather seats and door panels.

5. Install mud flaps. Mud flaps helps keep dirt and water away from the main areas of car.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: The tips described above work best if you car has recently been professionally detailed and the exterior given a clay bar treatment.

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